Long-Jamini Scholar Training Program

we are authorized to teach jaimini sutra from Ch. 1 to 4 as per Orissa Tradition,

Jaimini sutra an introduction

A Sutra ia short, unambiguous, quintessential, faultless and all-round saying in general. Therefore, Sutras are written systematically in form of aphorism, that means, CLUES and were intended to be memory aids. This enabled student to enter long discussion on any topic with masters in tradition while learning the subject.

The thought is very much condensed, as much as associated knowledge is taken for granted. As a result maximum  of thought was compressed in to sutra in as few words as was possible.

Padma Puran is said to have defined sutra,

अल्पाक्षरमसन्दिग्धं सारवद्विश्तोमुखम्।

अस्तोभमनवद्द्यं च सुत्रं सुत्रविदो विदुः॥

alpākṣaramasandigdhaṁsāravadviaśtomukham |

astobhamanavaddyaṁ ca sutraṁsutravidoviduḥ ||

People learned in sutra literature, say that a sutra should be concise and unambiguous, give essence of the argument  on a topic , but at the same time deal with all aspects of a question, be free from repetition and faultless.

As a result sutra becomes unintelligible and thus become dependent for interpretation by masters in a tradition. The authors of sutra are usually not the founders of the thought system or knowledge professed by them. They could be others too.

Subsequently sutras are interpreted by various authorities from time to time and their writings can be classified as Vakyas, Vrittis, Karikas and Bhashyas: each of which is more and more in detail then preceding one.


In Jaimini Sutra, we know Krishamishra wrote Phalaratnamala, which is a exposition of jaimini sutra in form  verses  in Sanskrit .Similarly his son ,Somnath wrote commentary called KalpalathaNrisimhasim Suri has also written exposition  in Sanskrit verses on jaimini Sutra and many has followed suite.

उपदेश व्याख्यास्यामः॥

upadeśavyākhyāsyāmaḥ ||

The beginning of jaimini Sutra indicates that focus is on giving updesh (sermon) after explaining sutra. Jaimini sutra are  universal in application and if correctly understood their application is eye opener in interpretation of a chart.

You are welcome to world of SECRET KNOWLEDGE as taught in puriparampara.

This is a Highly Skilled Training program  for gaining command over Vedic Astrology.

This will cover fundamentals on basis of jaiminiupdesh sutra ( Ancient book of Astrology by Maharshi Jaimini in sutra form) and Mantra shastra, and other important contents of veda , upnishad text that explains and teaches higher side of astrological thought.

This calls for visit TO teachers place for oral communication once in a year.

Special note about this course

You may be required to submit your Birth data in case you seek admission to course.

Jaimini Scholar Program [ only place for learning in  Hindi for resident Indian ]

We are one of the Scholar authorized to teach chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this courses. This course is based on updesh Sutra of Maharshi Jaimini.  Sutra literature are rare and difficult to comprehend without learning from Guru.

This course is based on interpretations of satnza in Sanskrit as per Achyutparampra of Orissa , headed by Pandit Sanjay Rath the founder of Shri Jagannath center New Delhi

The course is Rich and consists advanced teachings in Mantra shastra, Upanishads, puranic concepts, many secrets from paramparaw.r.t. delineations of chart.

The secrets part of instructions that needs guru to student communication along with explanations and associated exercise to lectures on web will be taught on line and in person. Modern method of Teaching through webinar is also a part of program.

This knowledge is available only to those who have determined to lead a spiritual life and have focus on disciplined living making them capable to receive wisdom from Rsi in form of Veda[because Jyotish is vedanga]

Duration is four years {compressed version of 2 years is also under development may be available soon }

Donation $500 per year. Other costs like contact program , online lecture of SJC Website etc. extra. [Concession and access to Jaimini sutra web pages on internet is subject to sweet will of Sohamsa / SJC owners ] to deserving but capable students .]