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Astrology is the eye of Vedas. The four  veda  are  the ancient books of knowledge. Universe is the play of cosmic-entities within dimensions of time and space. Knowing time (Kaal) is Astrology and knowing Space is Vaastu.

We, at Cosmograce, share insights based on tested traditional methods of astrology and vaastu so as to , let you enjoy your stay on Earth.You can  swim well  in ocean of existence.You can  invoke grace of divine and focus on goals you choose.

Based on your birth data, Query Time or number, we cast vedic chart of heavens and read it to predict what heavens have in store for you about  matters of your concern. If adverse outcome is seen, then we offer suggestions regarding remedies , if desired.

Training Programs

From the parampra( Tradition) running in families of Brahmins the teachings are taught and communicated ,for the first time outside world due to blessings of GURU Sanjay Rath of Orissa. In fact the real deep secrets of Parashar main compilation called Brihat Parashar Hora shastra and of Maharishi Jaimini’s Upadesha Sutras Forms the main scripture  and are being taught. Style of teachings remains in character same as used to be in ancients time .It was a personal communication between Teacher and students in form of stanzas and explanations .

shruti( oral communication) was to be digested by student and allowed to grow into development of expertise leading to correct application. These Upadesha sutras explain the method of applying many of the concepts and methods found in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS) and jaimini updesh sutra.

In last century , even Indian astrologers have been thinking , what Parashara and Jaimini meant in their treatise and why sutra interpretation differ?. Such was the confusion that many thought Jaimini had created his own tradition separate from that of Maharshi Parashara. However the word
‘Upadesha’ (‘interpreted teachings from the master’) clearly indicates that the sutras are the teaching of the tradition and thus coming down from Parashara. Maharishi Jaimini has explained many of the teachings of BPHS as well as many insights which would not otherwise be identified from BPHS. There has been a reason , to have  different object before  the Both Rsis.

Elementary Training Programs

Medium-Parashar Training Program

Long-Jamini Scholar Training Program

Cosmograce is blessings flowing in universe.

ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय।

ग़णानाम् त्वा गणपतिम् हवामहे कविम् कविनामुपमश्रवस्त्मम्।

ज्येष्ठराजम् ब्रह्मणाम् ब्रह्मणस्पत् आ नः शृण्वनूतिभिः सीद सादनम्

अजम् निर्विकल्पम् निराकारमेकम्


परम् निर्गुणम् निर्विशेषम् निरीहम्

परब्रह्मरुपम् गणेशम् भजेम॥

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