GENERAL and Jaimini Training Program


From the parampra( Tradition) running in families of Brahmins the teachings are taught and communicated ,for the first time outside world due to blessings of GURU Sanjay Rath of  Orissa. In fact  the real deep secrets of  Parashar main compilation called Brihat Parashar Hora shastra and of Maharishi Jaimini’s Upadesha Sutras are being taught. Style of teachings remains in character same as used to be in ancients time .It was a personal communication between Teacher and students in form of stanzas and explanations .

shruti( oral communication) was to be digested by student and allowed to grow into development of expertise leading to  correct application. These Upadesha sutras explain the method of applying many of the concepts and methods found in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS)  and jaimini updesh sutra.

In last century , even Indian astrologers have been thinking, what  Parashara and Jaimini meant  in their treatise and why sutra interpretation differ?. Such was the confusion that many thought Jaimini had created his own tradition separate from that of  Maharshi Parashara. However the word ‘Upadesha’ (‘interpreted teachings from the master’) clearly indicates that the sutras are the teaching of the tradition and thus coming down from Parashara. Maharishi Jaimini has explained many of the teachings of BPHS as well as many insights which would not otherwise be identified from BPHS.

There has been a reason but different object before Both Rsis.

Maharshi Parashar compiled BPHS for the use of masses keeping in view of coming ages of people comprising  Normal intelligence But to safeguard higher standards of Vedic knowledge as usual Sutra were codified to communicate
deeper secrets to really aspiring but students observing higher spiritual discipline and devotion.

Obviously it will be useful to understand what sutra* literature is.

By the kindness of the Rsi’s through the media of Pandit Sanjay Rath, these closely guarded secrets are now being taught. The courses involve two streams. One of General Jyotish starting from Panchang to study of BHPS with copious notesfrom other ancients scripture and second containing  a significant number of lessons each year and each principle of Jyotish is taught with related remedies basically based on jaimini updesh Sutra .

This General course is for any one who is serious in study of Jyotish but second is for those open to spiritual practices and the use of mantras based on study from Purans and veda. There have always been Diksha Gurus and Vidya Gurus
– teachers of specific arts and sciences. In fact there are many catgories of teachers.*

The Tradition

The teachings of Maharishi Parashara are available in acceptable form although scattered but teachings of Others are difficult and untraced to large extent. Therefore Maharashi Parashar can be looked on as the head of the lineage of Jyotish teaching as the oldest text that we have is attributed to him . However the tradition is that this knowledge was taught by the creator Brahma to his son Narada who taught it to Rishi Saunaka who taught Maharishi Parashara. Parashara’s son and disciple was Veda Vyasa.

Maharishi Jaimini was the disciple of Veda Vyasa, thus Jaimini’s guru’s guru was Parashara. The sage Parashar was also the narrator of Vishnu puran.
Maharshi jaimini ‘s work the ‘Upadesha’ sutras, is clearly codification of deeper universal principles of Jyotish received from his guru, and so was of same tradition Parashara. Indeed, without Jaimini’s sutras, what other text
gives such deep insight into Parashara’s teachings? There are many teachings of Parashara that calls for application in different manner than what is normally understood by rank and file of Astrologers In 1510, Swami Achutyananda took birth. He became one of the PanchaSakha or five friends of the great Chaitanya
Mahaprabhu. Sri Achutyananda was excellent and most brilliant and He was originator of Achute parampara. became the astrologer to the king of Puri, Orissa. He authored hundreds of books and established schools of astrology and
other Vedic sciences in Orissa and beyond. The lineage of Pdt. Sanjay Rath traces directly from Sri Achutyananda, the teaching being passed down within the Brahmin families unbroken for past about 5 centuries.

Those wishing to learn the wealth of knowledge of this lineage and become a part of it should understand that the Risi are watching and bless us if we follow their teachings. Entering this kind of pious knowledge is a great
responsibility. Each graduate Scholar should train at least one other suitable person while protecting the integrity of the knowledge. This is the promise one is required to make to his teacher. The student is to take a vow to cultivated
righteousness in life, and the nature of the knowledge is such that it greatly demands good working understanding of Sanskrit in Devanagari (Sanskrit script). Thus learning something of Sanskrit vocabulary is also highly desirable. A good knowledge of basic Jyotish and, of course, a keen
interest in it is also necessary.

The Course

General Scholar Programme
It is a three year programme.

The Jaimini Scholar program
It is a four year course.

Each year is related to one of the four chapters of updesh Sutra  is taught as a separate module. Successful participants can obtain certification from the Devaguru Brihaspati Centre for each year completed.

The acceptance of disciple (students) To Jaimini scholar programme is conditional and is subject to meeting of some spiritual guideline and upon acceptance by SJC organization head Quarters. Year 1 constitutes 28 principal lessons and several subsidiary lessons and will be taught from AGRA India
primarily online. However, Few residential weekends will be held, one at the beginning and one in the middle and last near the end, as certain teachings can only be given in person.. The first weekend is provisionally planned for
October 11-13 in House/Hotel at AGRA India.. The course proper will start early in October. Applications must be received by September 15th. The
application form for year 1 is posted faxed or the content emailed t o interested candidates.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Tuition payment is Rs 15,000 Indian rupees for jaimini course and 10,000 for General course. 50% will be expected at the start of the course and the balance by the end of each year of respective year. The payment to the Devaguru Brihaspati Centre for access to the web site can be made at any stage during the course
(approx $300). The web site includes many valuable materials. This contribution is required to obtain certification for successful graduates. On extra cost  offer can be availed for  a worship “daily  package ” including special Malas, an Asan (meditation seat), mantra book and other items which is
recommended (approx cost 500 INR). Payments are not refundable after the course starts except in exceptional circumstances. Apart from the daily practice pack, the charges refer to year 1 of the program.

These are  the only course offered  that are unique  for  long time to come in computer age and new times of modern communication means, but  space is limited. Those interested are encouraged to apply promptly.
No one should be confused because the cost of the course is incomparable
with other courses being taught by respected teachers and organizations in and around. This is part of the kindness of  Parampra Guru Sanjay jee . No allowance is being made for administration overhead so students are expected to make their own arrangements for attending the long weekends
(though we will help with hotel suggestions, etc.).

This first course will be taught by R.C.Srivastava.You can also study with other certified Jaimini Scholars please visit web site of Devaguru Brihaspati Centre .


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