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It is not precisely defined term.

The word spirit In English comes from the

Latin spiritus, meaning “breath” (compare spiritus asper) and also “soul”, courage, vigor etc .

As per dictionary spiritual is an adjective and means – not material, is divine, religious, relating to mind etc . spirituality concerns itself with matters of the

spirit. It is a concept closely bonded to religious belief and faith, or one or more deities. Spiritual matters are thus those matters that are between biological organisms called  “Homeo sapines” (humans) and animals , together  these are called Jeevatma in Sanskrit, others called jada atma also known by word inanimate. The relationship between spirit( self or soul) and  jeeva ( animated beings and inanimate having soul) is examined .This branch of learning  includes  elements and concepts that can not be  perceived and are  beyond the bodily sensestime and the material world. Spirituality also implies the harmony between mind, body and soul therefore it automatically implies there is separation between the body and soul.

Systematic method of study is difficult and may not always applicable to study of this phenomenon.

Yet attempts have been made from dawn of civilation , to made efforts to communicate the thought in human language.

Spirit or soul is defined as a state of awareness beyond the three sheaths.

1. Physical Body,

2. Subtle body (that: enjoys through senses and dwells therein)

3. Casual body (through which karma find manifestation resulting in experiences of pleasure and pain).

It is also not five layers called panch kosha, ahmakar  and intellect.

Individual soul is It is part of universal soul .It is like a spark separated from universal supreme Infinite Divine reality. It is also denoted by sat chit anand( truth, consciousness and bliss in Nature.Shiv Puran describes universal intelligence by  Beam of light .

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