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Morari Bapu

  • Posted on December 8, 2012 at 9:07 am



Morari Bapu


Famous Ramcharitmanas exponent, who has delivered more than 700 times the Ram- katha .A religious Teacher. His full name is Morarida Prabhudas Hariyani and belongs to Vaishnav Sadhu Nimbark lineage1.


  1. His known DOB is 25 Sept1946 but some hold year of birth 1947 also with same date and month.
  1. This is as per following  URL

Bapu was born to Prabhudas Bapu and Savitri Ma Hariyani on Maha-Shivratri in 1947 in the village of Talgajarda, close to the town of Mahuva in the District of Bhavnagar,

Facts AND Timeline

  1.  He was able to recite whole Ramayan by age of twelve.
  2. Native is one among six brothers and two sisters.
  3. He graduated and completed Training course at Junagarh and worked as teacher for ten years in Local school teaching various subjects.
  4. He delivered First Ramkatha in 1960 at the age of fourteen. First Ramkatha abroad was in 1976 at Nairobi.
  5. Dalai Lama inaugurated World religion Dialogue and symphony in 2009 at his home town .Mahuva.

Thoughts on date of Birth

The date 25 th September 1946 was Wednesday amavasya till 14:15 and constellation was Uttara Phalguni.SUNRISE on that day was at 6:35 IST. Therefore TOB of 6 AM will be Tithi K14. Next when was shivratri in year 1946.As per calendar of North India it was Aswin month  Krishan Paksha 30 so birth prior to Sunrise will have K14 and week day Mars. Mahasivratri cannot be in September and it is well known that  K 14 ( Krishna paksha Tithi fourteen) is  falling every month is also called  shivratri.

The date 25 sept 1947 as stated on his official website gives Shukla Ekadasi.

Obviously as per north Indian colander it was  Bhadrapad S11 Thursday. Maha Shivratri is not possible.However Shivratri is possible.

So we are inclined to accept DOB as25 Sept 1946.

Thoughts on Time of Birth.

If K14 is accepted TOB should be before Sunrise of 25 Sept 1946.SO TOB could be between Midnight of 25/26 to 6:45.

TOB of 6 AM yields last degree of Leo in ascendant with Lahari Aynamsa.

Many old authors believe his Ascendant was Virgo; this could be based on assumption that TOB is 6 LMT; if this assumption is correct Ascendant rising shall be 9Vi 54 and Lagna in Navamsa shall be Pisces.

So here we examine Chart of this saint FOR DOB 25 September 1946 TOB 6 AM LMT at Talgajraja Distt Bhavnagar Gujarat India as possible chart. Birth place Latitude is 21N45 and Longitude is 71E07 .


If chart is correct, it should reflect great devotion toward Lord Ram .He maintains Lord Ram is his Ista Devta. He must have great oratory skills.

He must be famous and Saint at heart.

Atma-Karaka in this chart  is Venus. In Rasi Chart Venus is in own sign and in Navamsa it is in Aries. SUN Planet representing Lord Ram is in XII from AK in D9.

Sun is in First Drekkana. SO ista Devata is RAM, (Second and third Drekkana represents Krishna)

We know lineage and Ramcharitmanas Was learned on encouragement of Grandfather The family worship activity could be seen from Second house in D 20.

The sign Aquarius rises in D20 therefore Family deity may be determined by strong influence on II by Yuti / dristi.

Pisces is aspected by Swarasi Merc along with Sat. This supports Worship of Ram a Vishnu Avatar.Nimbark Samprayadaya worships Krishan Radah another  Avatar of lord Vishnu.


D 9 has Aries in Lagna with Danava Guru Venus and IX has Jupiter , the dev Guru and Mars.

This supports Great learning in Shastra and starting career of Teaching as well as training before employment.

Mercury is AmatyaKarka in Exaltation along with Sun and Moon in Lagna.

Mercury is karaka of Speech .Mercury has highest Shadbala strength of about 11.5 Rupa.

Desmans hasAK Venus in X , no doubt main career is aligned to Religion.( Venus is Atamakaraka)

Dasamsa has yogkarka Mars with Trine lord Jupiter augmenting Raj yoga is also indicative of Great career.

Native has enjoyed Vimshottari Dasa of Mars, Rahu, and Jupiter in his active life and currently Dasa of Saturn is running.


Placement of Saturn in XI in Rasi chart is an indication of harm to elder brother. We do not know status of native among his siblings.

Co – born are examined from the Third House and Eleventh Houses.III is for younger co born and XI is for Elder Co- born. Physical presence is seen from Lagna in Rasi chart where as, for knowing their numbers and Lagna/ star we shall examine same houses from Arudh Lagna.

The Birth Chart shows Damage to one of the elder co – born at least as Saturn in III  is seated both in Rasi and drekkan chart From ASC.

We can see that native can have both elder and younger siblings.


As already seen Tenth lord has highest strength since  Planet Mercury  rules X house. The tenth bhava hasVenus the AK in it. 10 Lord is Amatyakaraka.

Career in Katha- vachan is not only great success but gives him fame.

We know moon should associate with Amatya karaka to give social success to native’s mission and programme  If a person is involved with a mission asking for sanyas vritti Saturn may also have associationt with  Moon by yuti or dristi.

Here Moon is with Amatya karaka itself. This gives him outstanding  fame and success. Again Amatya karaka is not only tenth lord but it is also Karaka of tenth as well is char  amatya karaka thus  Native is like a king in his field of his work in society as per first sloka of  chapter on Rajya sambandh yoga  of BPHS.


This chart has six planets in First two houses itself .Yoopa yoga makes native to look after his worldly duties ,attains spiritual  goals while remaining attached to his home. Morari Bapu still has his home in village where he was born.

Results of Bhadra yoga can be seen easily. Usually Bhadra Yoga makes native physically strong and healthy. He may have long arms and fine dense beard.

His face resembles to face of  lion and gait is majestic.This yoga confers virtue and learning. Native is  well versed in sacred scripture.

Apart from Budh-aditya yoga combination of Lord of XII and Lord of Lagna in conjunction forms Parvata Yoga, That gives fame reputation, leadership and make him orator.

Kalanidhi Yoga is present in this chart. This yoga is defined: Jupiter is located in II or V house, either aspected by or conjoined with Mercury and Venus, or occupying sign of Mercury or Venus. This Yoga confer son Native Gyaan(special knowledge) makes him  virtuous and wealthy.




1. Bhavishya puran mentions that Nimbarka Sampradya also previously known as Hamsa sampradya has emanated from Nimbarka Swami before five thousands ago about. Shri Santkumar Samhita is main scripture.Gopi bhava upasana is main method of worship.

During initiation, the most holy 18-syllabled Śrī Gopāla Mantra was given to them, a fact recorded in the Viṣṇu Yāmala:
Āvirbhūtaḥ kumāraistu gṛhītvā nāradāya ca||[


Kalahasthi temple tower collapses

  • Posted on May 29, 2010 at 12:09 pm

An important event happened recently, that creates fear in mind of religious people that some calamity is falling soon as tower collapse is bad omen.
The chart for time of collapse is as below.

This Gopuram was reportedly built in 1516 on the right side of main temple by great emperor Srikrisna Devaraya.

As is well known there are five temples in south which are said to control five Tatwa in form of siva. One in AP and 4 in Tamilnadu. Most astrologers are aware Kalahasti controls Vayu tatwa. Meaning of Sri kala hasti is said to be a combination of Sarpa and Elephant. Thus it is one of the most revered temples. The other four temples are at Tiruvannamalai controlling Fire element, Chidambaram (without linga representing akash element next at Thiruvanikkaval controlling water element and last is kancheepuram controlling Earth element.

Now in this background falling of any building is undoubtedly a bad omen but here it is the fact reported that Main temple is not affected. Is it not the grace of shiva?.

Now let me come to Gopuram.

It is gateway in simple terms. It has lived for about 494 years .May be 500 years ago muhurta for construction could have been chosen.No structure on earth can be permanent, We do not have data when muhurtam for gopuram was chosen and gateway constructed.

We can always find astrological coincidences for events and this event is no exception.But the fact remains for last ten years gateway was slowly slowly falling neither Government nor trust cared to take help of modern technology advances and now we say it is bad omen.

one can justify but the fact remains Lord shiva is kind and will spare humanity from calamity .

Chart of fall.


Kalahasthi Temple incident time Chart

Gopuram  is human construction, So normally one can assume it has no soul. So chart of collapse cannot be compared to Niryan ( chart at time of death ) chart for humans.

Mayamatam describes gopuram being maximum of seven stories. It is said that Cidambaram gateway dated 13 th century also has seven stories.

Gopur has similar importance but I am not sure if it is part of deity as several parts of temples are treated as body parts of deity installed. Not being a part of main temple , logically it could not be a body part of deity.

However in the chart of fall, VIII and XII houses are vacant. SUN lord of IX is in VI house. Pratyadhi devata is shiva himself. It is accidental fall for neglect by humans. So no fear to life of humans and animals on Earth could be deduced.

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