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Pranab Mukharji sworn as the 13th President of India

  • Posted on July 27, 2012 at 9:43 pm

Pranab Mukharji took oath of office of president on 25 th July 2012 at 11:37 in central hall of parliament.

It was reported that” Pranab Mukherjee has been sworn in as the 13th President of India. He was administered oath by Chief Justice SH Kapadia on Wednesday morning at 11.38 am, a time he had chosen as propitious.”

Let us have a look.

Eights house was vacant but Lagna had two malefic Mars and Saturn .This was with Moon too. .

For coronation./ Electing head of state the main Panchang  element preferred are.

1 Nakshatra ; Aswini,Rohini,Mrigasira,Punarvasu,Pushya,Uttara,Hasta,Anuradha,Sravana,Uttara bhadra and Revati.

2.Thithi:All odd thithi  of shukla paksha are good except 9.However Tithi  2 and 10 are also favorable.

3. Lagna: Aries,Taurus,Gemini,Cancer,Leo,Sagitarious, Aquarius and Pisces are  favorable.

4.Weekday Tues day and sat are avoided.

We try to strengthen sun moon, lagna and X with strong  lagnesh and karmesh.

we keep VIII  vacant.

We Confine malefic in Upachya.

Sun and moon in Can and Leo respectively are good with aspect of Jupiter.

We need to Carefully look for Tarabala,Chandra Bala,Panchak.

Kumbha/ libra  rising with Sat is preferred in coronation. If Jupiter and Venus aspect such Lagna respectively, it  is good.

Oath taking Chart is as given below,

Details of Birth and Event of oath are as below.

Pranab Mukharji    Natal Chart  Date:    February 1, 1935  Time:   17:15:00  Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)   Place:87 E 41′ 00″, 23 N 41′ 00″          Santiniketan, India

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Bhava – Pushya     Tithi:    Krishna Trayodasi (Ju) (56.60% left)

Vedic Weekday: Friday (Ve)   Nakshatra:     Poorvashadha (Ve) (65.31% left)

Yoga:          Vajra (Mo)  (99.68% left)  Karana:        Garija (Ju) (13.19% left)

Hora Lord:     Saturn (5 min sign: Sg)  Sunrise:       6:20:42

Event day   Oath   Date:   July 25, 2012    Time: 11:38:00  Place:   77 E 12′ 00″, 28 N 36′  New Delhi,

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Nandana – Sravana  Tithi Sukla Sapthami (Sa) (71.45% left)  Vedic Weekday: Wednesday (Me)   Nakshatra:     Chitra (Ma) (94.21% left)  Yoga:          Siddha (Ke) (54.11% left)

Karana:        Garija (Ju) (42.90% left)  Hora Lord:     Sun (5 min sign: Cn)  Sunrise:       5:38:58

Examination OF Muhuart:

Panchang element of Thithi  Shukla Saptami  is  fine as it is odd thithi of Sukla paksha, Vaar  is fine

Being wednus day. Nakshtra is Chitra , this is not a favored one. Yoga was fine being siddha.

Suudhi involved :

Tara bala : Sri Pranab Mukharji  had following   panchang element at his birth.

Thithi K13,Vaar Friday,Nak Poorva Shadha, Vajra yoga and Garija karan.

Counting from Poorva shadha to Chitra yields count equal to 22.This is third cycle called Vainashika

Personal  Tara bala  being Kshema Shows well being.

Mundane  Panchak  We add Tithi +Vaar+Nakshatra+lagna and Divide by 9 and decideby remainder.

Here we get (K13)28 + 4+14+6= 52 /9 Rem=7 : Vedha therefore Public will face obstruction and inaction during his headship. He will delay in taking decisions.

Personal panchak: Janma Thithi to –Day thithi,+Janma vaar-day Vaar,+janam Naks – day naks+janma lagna to day lagnam.

This yields :  10+6+22+3=41  : 41%9 Remainder = 5 This is again pratyaka means obstacles.

Chandra Bala : Dhanu to Cancer is 8 therefore Chandra bala is missing.

Analysis of oath taking Chart

Saturn the planet of democracy rises in Lagna and is good if aspected by Jupiter. This condition applies.

Mars is bad by lordship and afflicts Lagna and moon this is not conducive to well being for health of democracy.

Trine have both deva guru and danava guru with Ketu .This is raj yoga but vitiated by 3 rd Lordship of Ketu. Mr Pranab May act headless in time of crises when he will be required to act fast.

Rahu in mundane debility in III is good placement.

Yuti of lord of XII and  Lagna is not good for it may take President on tour often and will give heavy involvement in foreign affairs and pacts.

Higher and well to do members of nation will suffer in his tenure. Karmesh and Lagnesh is Mercury in retrogression. Governance by him will call for sympathy but he may act ruthless at times.

SUN has highest Shadbala- strength  and Pranab’s  period will be remembered as a period of royalty and strict governance.

Longevity  of  presidentship

Lagna Lord Merc + 8L Sat in Dwi yields Short life.

Lagna + HL =Dwi+Mov=Short life

Moon + Sat= Dwi=Dwi= Medium.

Therefore Medium lifespan will be taken as Moon is in Lagna. SO for a full lifespan of 5yeras .the longevity indicated is 20 to 40 month. Thus period between March 2013  to November 2015 need careful scrutiny.

Mr Pranab will beunder Sat Maha dasa and Venus Bhukti of Normal Vimshottari dasa.

Mr Pranab will need Special attention toward upkeep of his health. Vi:  2015-05-24  –  2015-10-26  is running Compressed narayan dasa .  This is most adverse period for post of president.

Note:    Compressed Narayana Dasa of D-1 chart (a versatile phalita rasi dasa):  Maha Dasas: will run as below. These are for oath taking chart.

Vi:  2012-07-25  –  2012-08-25

Li:  2012-08-25  –  2012-12-09

Sc:  2012-12-09  –  2013-03-08

Sg:  2013-03-08  –  2013-05-23

Cp:  2013-05-23  –  2013-07-25

Aq:  2013-07-25  –  2013-10-11

Pi:  2013-10-11  –  2014-03-08

Ar:  2014-03-08  –  2014-05-24

Ta:  2014-05-24  –  2014-11-25

Ge:  2014-11-25  –  2014-12-10

Cn:  2014-12-10  –  2015-05-08

Le:  2015-05-08  –  2015-05-24

Vi:  2015-05-24  –  2015-10-26   This is most adverse period for post of president.

Li:  2015-10-26  –  2016-01-08

Sc:  2016-01-08  –  2016-04-07

Sg:  2016-04-07  –  2016-07-25

Cp:  2016-07-25  –  2016-11-24

Aq:  2016-11-24  –  2017-03-08

Pi:  2017-03-08  –  2017-04-07

Ar:  2017-04-07  –  2017-07-25

Ta:  2017-07-25  –  2017-07-25

Ge:  2017-07-25  –  2018-01-08

Cn:  2018-01-08  –  2018-02-06

Le:  2018-02-06  –  2018-07-25



New Delhi: Pranab Mukherjee has been sworn in as the 13th President of India. He was administered oath by Chief Justice SH Kapadia on Wednesday morning at 11.38 am, a time he had chosen as propitious.

Mr Mukherjee took oath in the Central Hall of Parliament, familiar ground for him as an MP for over 40 years. He said, “I, Pranab Mukherjee, do swear in the name of God that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the Republic of India, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the law, and that I will devote myself to the service and well-being of the people of India.”

Once sworn in, Mr Mukherjee and outgoing President Pratibha Patil swapped seats and he was given a 21-gun salute. He then signed a register and rose to speak at a rostrum adorned with purple orchids.

Kalahasthi temple tower collapses

  • Posted on May 29, 2010 at 12:09 pm

An important event happened recently, that creates fear in mind of religious people that some calamity is falling soon as tower collapse is bad omen.
The chart for time of collapse is as below.

This Gopuram was reportedly built in 1516 on the right side of main temple by great emperor Srikrisna Devaraya.

As is well known there are five temples in south which are said to control five Tatwa in form of siva. One in AP and 4 in Tamilnadu. Most astrologers are aware Kalahasti controls Vayu tatwa. Meaning of Sri kala hasti is said to be a combination of Sarpa and Elephant. Thus it is one of the most revered temples. The other four temples are at Tiruvannamalai controlling Fire element, Chidambaram (without linga representing akash element next at Thiruvanikkaval controlling water element and last is kancheepuram controlling Earth element.

Now in this background falling of any building is undoubtedly a bad omen but here it is the fact reported that Main temple is not affected. Is it not the grace of shiva?.

Now let me come to Gopuram.

It is gateway in simple terms. It has lived for about 494 years .May be 500 years ago muhurta for construction could have been chosen.No structure on earth can be permanent, We do not have data when muhurtam for gopuram was chosen and gateway constructed.

We can always find astrological coincidences for events and this event is no exception.But the fact remains for last ten years gateway was slowly slowly falling neither Government nor trust cared to take help of modern technology advances and now we say it is bad omen.

one can justify but the fact remains Lord shiva is kind and will spare humanity from calamity .

Chart of fall.


Kalahasthi Temple incident time Chart

Gopuram  is human construction, So normally one can assume it has no soul. So chart of collapse cannot be compared to Niryan ( chart at time of death ) chart for humans.

Mayamatam describes gopuram being maximum of seven stories. It is said that Cidambaram gateway dated 13 th century also has seven stories.

Gopur has similar importance but I am not sure if it is part of deity as several parts of temples are treated as body parts of deity installed. Not being a part of main temple , logically it could not be a body part of deity.

However in the chart of fall, VIII and XII houses are vacant. SUN lord of IX is in VI house. Pratyadhi devata is shiva himself. It is accidental fall for neglect by humans. So no fear to life of humans and animals on Earth could be deduced.

Your comments are welcome on this post!

With regards.